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Timeshare Cancellation vs Timeshare Termination

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If you still owe on your mortgage or you’ve paid your timeshare in full we can share some of the exit options that may be available to you.

Below are a few of the reasons why you may be a candidate for timeshare cancellation or termination. During your timeshare presentation the salesman may have likely misrepresented some of the following:

  • The ability of your timeshare to appreciate in value over time
  • A promise of an increased resale price
  • Your timeshare could be easily traded in, transferred, or sold
  • Your timeshare should be viewed as a “financial investment”
  • As a purchaser you are guaranteed priority over non-purchasing vacationers

Due to misrepresentations like these being commonly used in sales pitches, timeshare management companies have become much more willing to release owners from contracts. If management companies force our hand, we can resort to using litigation as a means to free clients from contractual obligations.