Do I Qualify for a timeshare contract Cancellation or Termination?

You may! Call us and we will review the details of your individual situation. We will then let you know if and how we can help. It is our goal to help as many people as possible get out of suffocating timeshare contracts and the only way we can help is if you call.

How long will it take to get my timeshare contract deleted?

Each case is unique and the process can be quite labor intensive. After reviewing your case, one of our team members will inform you of the estimated time of completion.  We’ve seen cases settled and clients set free from their timeshare in as little as 12 weeks but we encourage clients to be prepared to wait up to 18 months for the process to be complete. It is very rare, but possible that the process can last longer than 18 months. In any case our team will keep you updated throughout.

How do you get me out of my timeshare?

Our team works with experienced legal council. The legal council works within the ramifications of the law in order to legally free you from your timeshare contract. Depending upon your individual situation you may qualify for the cancellation or termination of your previous timeshare contract.

Do I have to Pay a fee?

Yes. After your free consultation, we will determine if we can assist you. Once we get started on your case, there will be a one – time payment that we receive in order to refer your case to select legal council. The payment also covers the cost of our administrative and account management services. After the process is complete you will be free from your timeshare!

Can I get a refund?

If for some reason we are unable to get you out of your timeshare contract within the period of time we’ve allotted and you have already paid the one-time payment, we offer a 100% Money-Back guarantee.

Why do you offer this service?

Here at, we understand what it means to stand for something. We’ve chosen to fight with good people that need help getting out of unfair timeshare contracts. We understand that contracts, legal jargon, and threats from bullies in the timeshare industry can be intimidating for most customers. You don’t have to worry because we have some of the best in the business working for you. Our services are designed to help lift the burden off of your shoulders and safely guide you from start to finish. We face the giants and win all the time. Let us help you. It’s what we do best!

How Do I Get Started?

Fill out the info form on the home page. You can get to the info form by clicking the red button below or for quicker service, Call Us and a member of our team will be able to answer your questions and give you all the information you need to start the process.